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Golden Sun (GBA)

Golden Sun was one of the first Role-Playing games released for the Game Boy Advance, not long after the system\’s release back in 2001. Even so, it still stands up well in the sea of GBA RPGs. You take the

The Bible Game (GBA)

Developed by: Crave Entertainment Published by: Crave Entertainment Release Year: 2005 ESRB Rating: Everyone For: Gameboy Advance The Bible Game on the GBA (Gameboy Advance) is drastically different than The Bible Game on the PS2 (and Xbox); in fact it

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA)

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is the third and (as of this writing) most recent version of Castlevania for Game Boy Advance. You play the role of Soma Cruz who, along with his friend Mina Hakuba, decide to watch the first

Sword of Mana (GBA)

Sword of Mana is a remake of a game for the original Game Boy called Final Fantasy Adventure. Final Fantasy Adventure, though not named as a Mana game in the US, started the whole series. The most popular member of

Pokemon FireRed (GBA)

Pokemon FireRed is an updated version of Pokemon Red, and has a few additions. The main difference (other than the improved graphics) are the new Sevii Islands, seven new islands off the coast of Kanto, which are home to some

Wario Ware, Twisted! (GBA)

Wario Ware, Twisted! is the excellent sequel to the original masterpiece Wario Ware, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! for the GameBoy Advance. Wario, after dying while playing a game on his GBA, throws it against the wall and breaks his GameBoy. When

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (GBA)

  Story A Goodwill Ambassador came bearing a gift for Princess Peach. The gift was from the evil Cackletta and it stole Princess Peach\’s voice and replaced it with bombs. Mario and Luigi must fight together in this RPG to

Advance Wars (GBA) – Preview

Key Facts:Publisher/Developer: Nintendo/Intelligent SystemsESRB Rating: EveryoneNumber of Players: 1-4 (single- and multi-cartridge, and single system)Available For: Game Boy Advance Note: I have yet to complete this game, so this review is guaranteed to be accurate only up to campaign mission

Super Dodge Ball Advance (GBA)

Developer/Publisher: Atlus ESRB Rating: Everyone Available On: Game Boy Advance Number Of Players: 1-2 (multi-cart only) Overview: The premise of Super Dodge Ball Advance is simple, take a team of dodgeballers to worldwide fame. A six-player team, a rubber ball,

Pokemon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire (GBA)

This game was on display at my local Circuit City and I must confess, I got hooked on it right then and there. I like the \’pick up and play factor\’ of this game. Unlike other Pokemon titles, this is