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SDK Spriter (Wii U)

Game Info: SDK SpriterDeveloped by: Hullbreach StudiosPublished by: Hullbreach StudiosRelease date: December 15, 2016Available on: Wii UGenre: EdutainmentNumber of Players: Single-playerESRB Rating: EveryonePrice: $6.00 Thank you Hullbreach Studios for sending us this game to review! With the stylus, the Wii

Star Splash: Shattered Star (Wii U)

Game Info: Star Splash: Shattered StarDeveloped by: Snails ArcadePublished by: Snails AnimationRelease date: February 2, 2017Available on: Wii UGenre: ActionNumber of players: Up to twoESRB Rating: EveryonePrice: $3.49 Thank you Snails Animation for sending us a review code! In Star

Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)

Game Info: Mario Kart 8Developed By: Nintendo EAD and Namco Bandai HoldingsPublished By: NintendoReleased: May 30, 2014 (in USA)Available On: Wii UGenre: RacingESRB Rating: E for everyoneNumber of Players: 1-4 locally; up to 12 onlinePrice: $46.99(Amazon Affiliate Link) Mario Kart

Paper Mario Color Splash (Wii U)

Game Info: Paper Mario Color SplashDeveloped by: Intelligent Systems and NintendoPublished by: NintendoRelease date: October 7, 2016 (In USA)Available on: Wii UGenre: RPG with some action-adventure elementsNumber of Players: 1ESRB Rating: E for EveryonePrice: $59.99(Amazon Affiliate Link) One day on

Severed (Wii U)

Game Info: SeveredDeveloped By: DrinkBox StudiosPublished By: DrinkBox StudiosReleased: September 22, 2016Available On: 3DS, iOS, Vita, Wii UGenre: First-person action adventureESRB Rating: Teen – Violence, BloodNumber of Players: 1 Price: $14.99(Amazon Affiliate Link) Thanks to DrinkBox Studios for sending us a

Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)

Game Info: Hyrule WarriorsDeveloped By: Omega Force/Team NinjaPublished By: NintendoReleased: September 26, 2014Available On: Wii UGenre: ActionESRB Rating: Teen: fantasy violence, suggestive themesNumber of Players: 1-2 offline Price: $48.00(Amazon Affiliate Link) Coinciding with the Japanese release of Skyward Sword in 2011,

Runbow Deluxe Edition (Wii U)

Game Info: Runbow Deluxe EditionDeveloped by: 13AM GamesPublished by: 13AM GamesRelease date: November 1, 2016Available on: 3DS, Windows, Wii UGenre: PlatformerNumber of players: Up to nine playersESRB Rating: Everyone for Mild Fantasy ViolencePrice: $29.99(Amazon Affiliate Link) Thank you 13AM Games

Just Dance 2017 (Wii U)

Game Info: Just Dance 2017Developed by: UbisoftPublished by: UbisoftRelease date: October 25, 2016Available on: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Wii UGenre: RhythmESRB Rating: E10+ for mild lyricsNumber of players: Up to fourPrice: $39.99(Amazon Affiliate Link) Thank you

Word Logic by POWGI (Wii U)

Game Info: Word Logic by POWGIDeveloped by: Lightwood GamesPublished by: Lightwood GamesRelease date: August 18, 2016Available on: 3DS, Wii UGenre: PuzzleNumber of players: Single-playerESRB Rating: EveryonePrice: $9.99 Thank you Lightwood Games for sending us review codes for this title! Lightwood

Star Fox Zero (Wii U)

Game Info: Star Fox ZeroPublished and Developed by NintendoESRB Rating: E 10+ for Fantasy ViolenceAvailable on: Wii UGenre: Simulator/ActionNumber of Players: 1 – 2Release Date: April 21, 2016Price: $38.50(Amazon Affiliate Link) Starfox Zero is the latest offering from the Starfox