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Final Fantasy VIII (PS1)

Game Info: Final Fantasy VIIIDeveloped by: SquarePublished by: SquareRelease Date: September 9, 1999Available on: PC, PlayStation (reviewed)Genre: RPGNumber of Players: Single-playerESRB Rating: Teen for violence, language, suggestive themesPrice: $10 on LeapTrade Having played the Final fantasy games in sequential order, I’m

Final Fantasy VI (PS)

Game Info: Final Fantasy VIDeveloped by: SquarePublished by: SquareRelease Date: April 2, 1994ESRB Rating: T for Mild Fantasy Violence, partial nudityAvailable on: SNES, PS1, GBA, Wii Virtual Console, PSNGenre: RPGNumber of players: 1Price: $25.00 on LeapTrade Final Fantasy VI has been

Final Fantasy V (PS)

Game Info: Final Fantasy VDeveloped by: SquarePublished by: SquareRelease Date: December 6, 1992Available on: PlayStation (reviewed), GBA, PSNGenre: RPGMode: SingleplayerMSRP:  $20.00 on LeapTrade The planet is in danger as the crystals that are guarding it are becoming unstable.  The king

Dragon Warrior 7: Warriors of Eden (PS1)

Game Info: Dragon Warrior 7: Warriors of EdenDeveloped By: Heartbeat, ArtePiazzaPublished By: EnixRelease Date: November 1, 2001Available on: PlayStation 1ESRN Rating: TMSRP: $35 used The Dragon Warrior series is known for expansive worlds and great storytelling, but the sheer number

Rayman (PS)

  Intro/Basics Rayman—which Rayman? There are a billion games with the name Rayman in them! I’m talking about the Rayman—the one that started it all. It was made in 1995 for the Sony Playstation and—best of all—it’s 2D! Although 2D

Dance Dance Revolution- Disney Mix (PS)

PS1 Rated E Dance Dance Revolution- Disney Mix is a hard to find DDR game it sells for $75 or so on Ebay. It was made in 2001 and the copies that remain are scare and valuable. This is a

Final Fantasy IX (PS)

\’Final Fantasy IX\’ tells the story of Zidane, the member of a team of theater actors who also happen to be a gang of thieves, and Garnet, the princess of Alexandria. Zidane and his friends first plan to kidnap Garnet

Suikoden (PS1)

  Graphics : B Suikoden\’s graphics are very pleasant. I found the lack of any cutscenes sorta disappointing, but the graphics were definitely very well done for its era of playstation gaming. Story : B The story is the pretty

Sydney 2000 (PS)

  Playstation Player: 1-8 (With Multitap) Rating: E (no reasons) Opening Thoughts Yes, I do realize the date, the Sydney Olympic games are far gone but I just recently won this game at a Halo 2 Lan Party. This \’prize\’

Medal of Honor (PS1)

Medal of Honor is an older first person shooter for the PS1. It is still pretty good. MOH is based on WW2. You are Jimmy Patterson, an agent of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) Game play: Simply awesome. You