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Blue Stinger (DC)

  Published by: Sega Enterprizes Developed by: Activision M for Mature (violence, mild language) WARNING! THIS IS A MATURE GAME. THIS GAME IS NOT FOR KIDS, AND THIS REVIEW SORT OF REFLECTS THIS. Forget who you are. You are now

Phantasy Star Online (DC)

  Key Facts: Publisher/Developer: SEGA/Sonic Team ESRB Rating: Teen for Animated Violence, Animated Blood Number of Players: 1 Available For: SEGA Dreamcast Story Faced with the imminent destruction of their home world, a large-scale evacuation plan known as the Pioneer

Outtrigger (DC)

  Key Facts Publisher/Developer: Sega/AM2 ESRB Rating: Teen for Animated Violence Number of Players: 4 Available For: Sega Dreamcast Story Assume the role of an elite member of the ICTS (International Counter Terrorism Special Forces) and battle with all manner

Jet Grind Radio (DC)

  Publisher: Sega of America Developer: Sega Platform: DC Category: Action/sports Rating: Teen for mild language and animated violence Story: Its the 21 century, in Tokyo. Depressed kids are every where. The only thing that keeps their spirits up are